Who We Are

ExtensionDev was founded more than 12 years ago as outsource Software Development company. Since this time, we developed hundreds of successful projects for the world famous companies and individuals. We are a quite small company. But we think it is our strength because we can be very fast in communication, flexible and cost-effective.

What We Do

Initially, ExtensionDev was tightly focused on Browser Extensions development. Since this time, Web become much more complex and diversified. And we started to offer some other related services like custom browser development, Web site development and so on.

Now we provide full-stack development service. We can get your idea and do the following:

  • Convert it into a clear specification

  • Develop all parts of the project

  • Test and deploy it on your server

  • Provide maintenance and further support.

Why We Do That

Ten years ago browser extensions were not so popular as today. It was completely new and promising sphere with great possibilities by improving existing user experience.

Now it is difficult to imagine our life without such well-known extensions like AdBlock Plus, Ghostery and so one. Almost every user has the list of favorite extensions.

Today millions of users all over the world use browser extensions which was developed by us for the different customers. And we hope that our extensions make their life easier and save a lot of time for more important tasks.