Privacy Protection & Security Solutions

Security and privacy are very important for each Internet user. We have a wide experience in a such extensions development like LSO and Web bugs blockers, malicious sites filters, JavaScript blockers and so on.

Bookmark Tools & Services

Today users visit dozens of the different sites and receive a vast amount of information from Internet. It is impossible to remember everything. That is why bookmark extensions are so popular. They help to organize useful information in some convenient way.

Coupons & Price Comparison

Nowadays, thousands of the different Internet stores provide millions of a different goods and services. It is impossible to have actual information about all available sales and coupons. Browser extensions can help to find a good deal for you exactly when you need it.

Media & Entertainment

YouTube is a great example of an outstanding resource with reach media content. It was developed hundreds of the different browser extensions to empower YouTube with new exciting features. Maybe it has sense to develop browser extensions for your media site as well, isn’t it?

Cloud Services Integration

Could services are relatively new. Users find more and more ways to utilize them for their needs. Browser extension can be a great way to integrate your favourite cloud service with your browser and get even more advantages.

Monetisation & Ads Injection

It is not a secret that browser extensions are widely used to inject third party ads. But in some cases ethical monetization allow you to get some services for free. We can help to monetize your extensions with a number of clear white hat techniques.

Automatization Tools & Bots

Sometimes people need to do very boring and tedious tasks in Internet. Browser extensions can be very helpful here. They can improve your performance significantly and manage redundant operations.

Financial Tools & Solutions

Financial markets monitoring, ForEx and binary options trading automation are just a some part of financial-related tasks which can be performed by browser add-ons effectively. Just think how you can some daily tasks better with convenient and modern tools.

Selenium IDE tools

Today Selenium is one of the most popular tools for a browser automation. Do you use Selenium IDE to create your automation scripts? If yes, we can make it even more powerful by adding new functionality with a custom Selenium IDE plugins.