Pega Desconto


PegaDesconto extension is created of the Web site with coupons. It shows a gentle notification when a user visits one of the supported web stories. A user can review the list of available coupons in the extension’s popup and activate one of them.



PriceSnipper compares prices without interrupting your shopping. During your shopping, PriceSniper seeks the cheapest competitors and appear automatically if it finds.

Extension Maker

Extension Maker will give you an ability to create outstanding browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera without any knowledge in programming or web design.

Check Your Track

Check Your Track is the convenient extension for tracking your packages from Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress or any other web store.

Firedrive for Filelink

This add-on allows to use Firedrive¬†cloud service together with Thunderbird’s Filelink feature.

FavSync Add-On


FavSync allows you to store any type of content in the Web, synchronize it between any devices. It includes advanced bookmarks manager, password auto completion and many other exciting features.