With 10+ years of proven experience in browser extensions development, we always provide top quality results. Hundreds of successful projects and satisfied customers are the best proof of our high responsibility and professionalism.

With ExtensionDev you get:

  • Clear vision of your project

    The most part of our customers come to us with a good idea. But even the most outstanding projects has some common parts. Based on our wide experience, we can help the customer to improve the project.

  • Right architecture

    It is very important to make right decisions at the start. Our experts will help you to choose the most suitable technologies for your project and build a flexible architecture on top of them.

  • Top application quality

    We think that internal code of any application should have very good quality. It is not enough to have outstanding look only. That is why the most of our developers has bachelor’s degree in CS and at least 7 years of proven experience in programming.

  • Deployment, integration and ongoing support

    At the end of the project, we can help you to deploy it into our environment and integration with all necessary services. We’re focused on long-term cooperation. That is why we always provide ongoing support for all our projects.

Modern Browsers Support

We do browser extensions for all modern browsers including, but not limited to:

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Google Chrome

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Microsoft Edge

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