For the most of browser extensions related projects it is enough to develop add-ons for the most popular  browsers. But each browser has its own limitations which should be taken in account. And sometimes such limitation can be critical. And there is no way to bypass them. That is where custom browsers take place in the game. So, which exactly additional benefits you get from a custom browser?

  • Custom Branding and Design

    Generally browser extensions can just add minor changes in the look of your browser. You can’t change name of the browser, it’s logo and etc. But we can change almost everything in your custom browser.

  • Extended User Control

    Do you want to provide more security for a user? It is possible to deny installation of third party browser extensions, limit access to some untrusted sites on the browser level and so on.

  • Extended Functionality

    It is possible to add new exciting functionality to your browser, integrate it with your custom services or third-party solutions which can be helpful for a user.

We offer custom browser development based on Chromium platform. Why Chromium? Because it is the most stable, fast, secure and user-friendly browser platform today.